Samsung ATIV Q Revealed

 on a Premiere event that was held yesterday in London but now we know pretty much everything. One of devices that we were able to see was the Samsung ATIV Q that represents new hybrid tablet device that is capable of running both Android and Windows 8 OS.
The device is aimed at filling a void in the market by offering users the functionality of a laptop, combined with mobile nous of an Android-driven tablet. The ATIV Q is able to switch between a number of different positions, like a veritable transformer, ranging from pure tablet mode, to notebook and the device’s high resolution 13.3-inch qHD display looks to be a stunner, running at a resolution of 3200 x 1800, with a pixel density of 275PPI.
The Q is driven by one of Intel’s new Haswell i5 chipsets, which, along with the installed 4GB RAM, serve up plenty of power for both operating systems, and on top of all that muscle, Samsung claim the device will run for 9 hours on a charge which, if true, is no mean feat.

The tablet-cum-laptop will allow users to utilise both a stock version of Google’s Android 4.2.2 OS , or Microsoft’s Windows 8, and thanks to a smart new feature called SideSync, data can be shared between the operating systems to the extent that users can run Android apps from within Windows, and even pin their favourites to the platform’s start screen.
As if the ATIV Q couldn’t get any more appealing, Samsung has also decided to equip the device with one its superb S-Pen styluses, for more accurate, useful user input, and any of you who have used one of the company’s Note devices will attest to that being one heck of plus point.
All of these smarts are packed into a pretty tight package. The device’s slim magnesium body is just 13.9mm thick and it tips the scale at just 1.29KG, making it a useful piece of hardware that you can truly consider carting around with you all day long .


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