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What's the best mobile phone? Our verdict on the best smartphone best phones - constantly updated
We've all got at least one mobile phone each, right? The trouble is, how do you decide which is the best one for you?
Well, this is where we make it easy. Because here we have our continually updated comparison of the top 20 best smartphones you can get in the UK.
The last update saw the Samsung Galaxy S3 take the top spot most people thought it deserved... but with the iPhone 5, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z now upon us, has the Korean brand held off ANOTHER onslaught from the Cupertino, Taiwanese and Japanese powerhouses? And what of the supercheap but powerful Google Nexus 4 by LG? Does price matter over software? And what of the impending Samsung Galaxy S4?
But we probably shouldn't forget the Apple iPhone 4S as a viable option, and while the Nokia Lumia 900 used to be top dog in the Windows Phone 7 game, it's the Nokia Lumia 920 that's flying the flag for Windows Phone 8.
If that still doesn't help, well, there's always our extensive mobile phone reviews pages as well - or check out our personally crafted smartphone buyer's guide:
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Here are our rankings for the best mobile phones around, currently available in the UK.

20. iPhone 4S

htc desire

When Apple announced the iPhone 4S, it's testament to the power of the rumour mill that people were angry it wasn't called the iPhone 5, which is now a real device.
Predictably the iPhone 4S is no longer the iOS handset we recommend, but it's still a worthy choice in the smartphone game thanks to some decent upgrades through iOS 6 (although the less said about Maps, the better...).
Siri voice recognition has shown itself to be slightly more than a novelty and has been upgraded to actually become useful with the new OS, and the screen technology is still top notch.
We were hoping for a larger display (which we now have with the iPhone 5), and things such as a lack of Bluetooth transfer, no Flash integration with the internet browser and an uninspiring contacts app still grate - but they're no match for the sheer ease of use and general operation of Apple's OS if you're talking to one of the fans.
The only reason this phone is so low in the rankings is the fact it still costs so much to buy, despite being years old now.

Quick verdict

A decent camera, slick platform and superb display are still the things we look for in a phone, and the iPhone 4S delivers that.
It was one of the most expensive phones on the market but sadly hasn't dropped much in price (otherwise we would have kept it higher up the rankings) so think about whether you really want its high-end features, since the iPhone 4 is a cheaper alternative still.

19. Huawei Ascend G330

Huawei Ascend G330
The Ascend G330 is a solid performer. It's smooth in use, has the power to run even the most demanding apps very well, and although not hugely exciting to look at and hold, the display's clear and bright enough to elevate it above some of the tattier budget models.
And it's definitely more capable than the old Ascend G300, with hardly any glitches when downloading/updating apps and navigating the phone at the same time.
It delivers a great smartphone experience for the money with hardly any obvious compromises.

Quick verdict

When deciding on a budget phone, it can be a nightmare trying to decide which one to go for. Is it power? Name? Specs? Or just a low price tag attached to a phone that doesn't go bananas when you prod it?
The latter applies to the Huawei - and it delivers well, especially for the £100 sticker whacked on it

18. Samsung Ativ S

Samsung Ativ S review
Thanks to an excellent build, good specs, beefy storage and an open body design, the Ativ S is an excellent WP8 option.
While Windows Phone 8 is definitely wanting in the app department, it's still a rich enough eco-system for many, and the sleek lines of the Ativ S remind us nicely of other high-end Samsung phones.
Samsung has really one-upped the competition by including a removable battery, and more importantly, microSD storage. One of our biggest complaints with the HTC 8X was its paltry 16GB of space and lack of removable storage.

Quick verdict

It's not the ultimate Windows Phone device, and it can be tricky to get hold of in the UK - but if you're not up for Nokia's Lumia range of Microsoft-powered devices, this should definitely be next on your list.

17. Motorola Razr HD

Motorola Razr HD
Motorola might not be anywhere near the sharp end of the smartphone market these days (or, indeed, ever) but it still makes a half-decent fist of a mid-range smartphone.
While this phone lacks in some areas (let's be honest: a dual core processor doesn't get anyone's heart racing any more, despite being able to handle most tasks you can throw at it) it still has a clear screen, a simple OS and a really strong battery at its heart.
Many will be taken by the almost stock Android platform it uses, and the fact it's got an additional HDMI port means it's easy to sync your phone up to a big screen.
It doesn't cost the earth, which is a key consideration as well in these financially-addled times - although you can get a Galaxy S3 for the same money.

Quick verdict

With interchangeable covers, you can see enough of the younger market enjoying expressing themselves with this budget option. It's fast, fluid and brings enough of the WP8 experience without costing the earth

16. Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia S review
We used to love the Xperia Arc S - but we're a fickle bunch, and now Ericsson has been cast aside, we're all over the new brand like a cat on a fresh set of curtains.
The Xperia S almost has too many positive points to list, with a HD screen, 12MP camera and dual-core processor all combining to make one of the finest smartphones of 2012.
As you will gather from our review, the Sony Xperia S has both a quality screen and a dual-core processor that never slows down - plus that 12MP camera is still more than half-decent.
Sony has also very kindly bundled lots of software with the Xperia S out of the box, which saves you having to dash to Google Play as soon as you turn on to grab vital apps.
Battery life is the only slight wobble (if you don't mind a plastic casing), but it will generally last a day under normal conditions, and that's a solid enough benchmark for us.

Quick verdict

There are still some niggles with the Xperia S but we think it says a lot that when deciding on the pros and cons for the device, we really struggled with the cons section.
It's since been bested twice with the announcement of the Sony Xperia T and then the Xperia Z with faster innards and a better screen - but that means the Xperia S has become more of a budget winner, so don't worry about the first Sony phone just yet.

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